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Whether you’re preparing for your first baby or are an experienced parent looking to refresh your knowledge before your next baby arrives, there’s a lot to plan for.

The Babies for Beginners website is produced by its Founder and Managing Editor, April Duffy, alongside a team of writers who research and create content using quality research and, where appropriate, consulting physicians and other pregnancy and parenting health experts. 

Babies for Beginners wants to help you not only make the best product decisions for your growing family, but help you navigate your own journey through the challenging, but amazing time that is the first five years of life.

How We Write Our Information Articles

Babies for Beginners believes in journalistic integrity above all else. Our founder, April Duffy, was an experienced journalist and editor before becoming a mom and starting one of the most trusted and researched cloth diapering sites on the internet, Cloth Diapers for Beginners.

The success of Cloth Diapers for Beginners is owed to it’s dedication and commitment to combining truth and accuracy with empathy and kindness. Wanting to bring that same philosophy to the rest of the baby space, April created Babies for Beginners in 2020.

All Babies for Beginners writers are moms too. We’ve all been through pregnancy, labour, and the soul-crushing exhaustion that is the first few months of being a mom. We’ve all picked bits of carrots off the floor and dealt with an epic meltdown over something minor. We’ve all felt that joy, and that guilt. We’re right there with you.

What Does Truth and Accuracy Mean for Our Content?

At Babies for Beginners, truth and accuracy means more than just being moms ourselves; it also means that all of our content is researched using primary research sources (physicians, other baby experts, statistics and/or scientific studies) or trusted not-for-profit sources like government websites or advocacy organizations (think La Leche League International or the Heart and Stroke Foundation).

Judgement Free Advice

Aside from being trustworthy, our advice is also free from judgements and unasked-for opinions. We believe moms should support each other — not tear each other down, and so we’re here to support you no matter what parenting choices you make.

How Do We Choose the Products for Our Guides?

Our product guides cover major baby gear decisions like car seats and strollers, as well as everyday needs like diapers and baby shampoo.

Our guides feature products discussed and chosen by our editorial team based on our own extensive research and own use of products.

All our guides are written with real parents in mind, conveying what value these products bring to expecting and new parents. Think advice from your been-there big sister or in-the-know best friend.

Babies for Beginners Sponsored Content

Babies for Beginners may feature sponsored content on the site. Sponsored content allows us to build and maintain this free site and send out our email newsletter. With that said, we limit our sponsored content to relevant partners only, and only for products and services we believe in and use (or have used previously) ourselves.

All sponsored content is clearly identified for our readers.

How to Pitch Products to Babies for Beginners

While our guides are selected by our editorial team, we’re always on the hunt for the best, new products on the market. If you’re a PR rep and have a product that is new to the market, has a new collection of patterns or is an improved version of a classic, let us know.

Affiliate links

Babies for Beginners participates in affiliate marketing programs, but this does not impact what products we choose to cover, ever. We maintain a strict product review policy, and commissions earned simply help support the website and newsletter.

Interested in Writing for Us?

We’re always looking for experienced freelance writers to join our team and help us write our product guides and articles on pregnancy and parenting. If you’re a mom (or Dad, we’re keen to have our first Dad writer) and an experienced writer who never misses a deadline, we’d love to hear from you.

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