Baby Names Inspired By the Sky

If you’re looking for a name that is meaningful and imaginative, consider finding inspiration from the heavens above. Names relating to the sky, stars, sun, moon, and weather have profound symbolic meanings and beautiful mystique.

In this article, we’ve gathered 100 celestial baby names for boys and girls with detailed descriptions on origins, backgrounds, and significance. From Greek mythology to global cultures worldwide, let these cosmic name picks stir your creativity when choosing that perfect name for your little one.

Sun Names

The sun has long been revered across cultures as a life-giving, illuminating force. Sun-inspired names radiate energy, light, and warmth.

Helios [HEE-lee-oss] – In Greek mythology, Helios is the radiant sun god who rides a gleaming golden chariot across the sky each day while overseeing everything the sunlight touches. He represents enlightenment, power, knowledge, and sight. A bold and brilliant name for a boy.

Elio [EL-ee-oh] – Elio is the vivid Spanish and Italian variation of Helios, meaning “sun”. In myths, Elio is the sustaining life force that nourishes the planet with energy and heat. This bright name radiates strength and vibrancy for boys.

Soleil [so-LAY] – Soleil is the poetic French word for “sun”, often associated with sunshine, summer, and the life-giving fertility of the Earth. In myths, Soleil is a beautiful goddess gifting vitality, abundance, and good fortune. A joyful, luminous name choice for a girl.

Aten [AH-ten] – Aten was an ancient Egyptian deity represented by the blazing solar disk rising into the sky each day. Egyptians worshipped Aten’s illuminating rays for providing light and life. This unique unisex name denotes brilliance and enlightenment.

Apollo [ah-PAW-loh] – In Greek and Roman myths, Apollo is the radiantly handsome young son of Zeus and god associated with the sun, light, music, prophecy, and knowledge. He inspires creativity, truth, healing, and achievement for boys.

Diell [DEE-el] – Diell is an Albanian name simply meaning “sun”, the brilliant celestial star at the center of our solar system that sustains all life on Earth. Diell packs invigorating solar energy and luminous warmth into a short, sweet name for boys.

Torchy [TOR-chee] – Torchy relates to torchlight flickering in night skies. Ancient people used torches for light and protection. An English occupational surname with a fiery spirit for boys.

Moon Names

The moon has long inspired awe with its mystery and magic. Moon names capture feminine mystique, intuition, and cycles of change.

Luna [LOO-nah] – Luna stems from the Roman moon goddess, known for her gentle feminine energy, intuition, sensitivity, and ability to balance the sun’s light. In myths, Luna created harmony between sun and moon. A romantic, mystical name for girls.

Selene [seh-LEE-nee] – Selene was the ethereal ancient Greek Titan goddess of the moon often depicted serenely riding a crescent moon chariot across the inky night sky. Her cool, deep, peaceful aura makes a lovely name choice for a girl.

Moon [moon] – As a direct nature name, Moon possesses a mysterious, whimsical, and otherworldly essence. The moon lights up the darkness with magic and romance. This alternative to overused names could work for boys or girls.

Mona [MOH-nah] – Mona stems from early Gaelic and Irish myths in which Áine, the goddess of love and fertility, was associated with the crescent moon. Mona evolved to mean “noble one”, a pretty, refined choice for girls.

Phoebe [FEE-bee] – In Greek mythology, Phoebe is a Titan moon goddess and sister to the radiant sun god Helios. Phoebe denotes brightness shining through darkness and depth, an artistic and ethereal name fitting for creative girls.

Nakai [nah-KAI] – Nakai comes from the Navajo tribe meaning “moon”. In Navajo myths, the moon represents wisdom, renewal, harmony, and fertility. A distinctive mythical boy’s name rich in history.

Neoma [nee-OH-mah] – Neoma is a Greek name meaning “new moon”, the first lunar phase representing new beginnings, growth, hope, and rejuvenation. A fresh alternative to Selene or Luna for girls.

Kuu [koo] – Meaning simply “moon” in Finnish, Kuu possesses a sleek, crisp, contemporary sound. Kuu offers depth and allure as a minimalist, gender neutral cosmic name.

Star Names

Star names evoke sparkle, brightness, and excellence. They capture ambition, dreams, and limitless potential.

Stella [STEHL-ah] – Stella is the poetic Latin word for “star” that appears frequently in ancient myths and literature. Shooting stars symbolize good luck and make wishes come true. Stella’s enduring elegance and grace make it perfect for girls.

Esther [ES-ter] – Esther derives from the Persian goddess of fertility, love, and stars known as Ishtar. Ishtar represented courage, destiny, and good fortune. Her wisdom, resilience, and fortitude make Esther a timeless name pick for girls.

Hester [HES-ter] – Hester is an elaborated form of Esther, meaning simply “star”. While the original name gained popularity, Hester stands apart with its rarely used vintage charm and retro appeal.

Sirius [SEER-ee-us] – Sirius is the luminous star that shines brighter than any other in the night sky, nicknamed the “Dog Star” as it’s found in the Canis Major constellation. This striking celestial boy’s name evokes brilliance, strength, and confidence.

Lyra [LIE-rah] – Lyra represents the small, ornate lyre-shaped constellation containing Vega, the radiant star that forms the harp strings. In mythology, Lyra was the magical lyre of the musician Orpheus. This melodic, lyrical name beautifully suits artistic girls.

Suhail [soo-HAYL] – Suhail comes from the Arabic phrase meaning “glowing star of Canopus”. Canopus is the second brightest star visible in Earth’s skies. Suhail has an exotic, sophisticated sound perfect for boys.

Cloud Names

Cloud names capture imagery of floating softly through the skies. They evoke daydreams, calm, and gentle vibes.

Nimbus [NIM-bus] – Nimbus clouds are large, dense grey rainclouds brimming with power and dramatic weather. The strong Latin name Nimbus conveys stormy strength perfect for tempestuous boys.

Cirrus [SEER-us] – Cirrus clouds are thin, feathery, and wispy, floating delicately high in the atmosphere. The name Cirrus evokes smoothness, calm, and an ethereal aura fitting for boys or girls.

Nim [nim] – As the short form of Nimbus, Nim contains much power in few letters. Associated with gathering storms, Nim is a compact unisex name with brisk energy and plucky spirit.

Cirro [SEE-roh] – Cirro comes from the wispy cirrus clouds. It also echoes the Spanish word for a curling ringlet of hair. Breezy and gender neutral like a light, puffy cloud drifting along.

Nevaeh [nuh-VAY-uh] – Nevaeh is “heaven” spelled backwards, an invented modern name giving uplifting, hopeful celestial vibes. Soaring in popularity, Nevaeh suits angelic girls.

Livana [lee-VAH-nah] – Livana stems from the Lithuanian word for “cloud”, the floating puffs of water vapor that drift across the sky. Breezy and free-spirited, yet gentle and grounded.

Nujood [noo-JOOD] – An Arabic girl’s name meaning “clouds”, Nujood paints a serene picture of soft, billowy clouds floating peacefully across a clear blue sky. Daydreamy and tranquil.

Wind Names

Wind names call to mind the invisible forces of nature. They evoke energy, change, and free spirits.

Aello [EYE-loh] – In Greek myths, Aello was one of the four powerful wind goddesses called the Anemoi who had mastery over storm winds and destructive whirlwinds. Fierce, uncompromising, and energetic name for girls.

Skyler [SKY-lur] – An English surname meaning “scholar of the sky”, Skyler brings to mind someone studying the winds, clouds, and weather. It has an intellectual, adventurous vibe suitable for boys or girls.

Boreas [BOH-ree-us] – In Greek legends, Boreas was the mighty god of the north wind who brought frigid cold air and snowy winter storms. The name Boreas evokes masculine strength, seasonal change, and icy power for boys.

Zephyr [ZEFF-ur] – Zephyr was the gentle Greek god who personified the mild western spring breeze. He signaled the revival of life with the arrival of spring. A peaceful, hopeful nature name for boys with romantic classical flair.

Aura [OR-uh] – Aura derives from the Greek word for “soft breeze” and relates to a colorful, mystical energy field believed to surround a person. An ethereal, graceful name for girls.

Anik [ah-NEEK] – Anik comes from Czech words conveying “strong wind” or “storm”. This vigorous, robust name choice suits daring, adventurous boys.

Nasim [nah-SEEM] – Nasim has Arabic origins meaning “breeze” or “gentle wind”, conjuring images of warm breezes languidly flowing on a bright summer day. A gentle, tranquil unisex name.

Rain Names

Rain names evoke nourishment, rejuvenation, and peaceful pattering from above. They represent life-giving forces of nature.

Rainn [rayn] – A uniquely spelled variation of “Rain”, Rainn brings to mind steady, earthy rainfall nourishing the ground. Damp, grounded, and refreshing for boys.

Talia [tah-LEE-ah] – Talia is a lovely Hebrew name meaning “rain from heaven”, or the first rains after a long drought. This peaceful, divine girl’s name represents renewal, sustenance, and promise.

Varsha [VAHR-shah] – Varsha comes from Sanskrit meaning “rain”. In India, Varsha signifies the essential monsoon season that sustains agriculture with its heavy rains. An exotic, lush name for girls.

Indra [IHN-drah] – In Hindu texts, Indra is the powerful king of gods who rules over thunder, lightning, and rain. He strengthens heroes in battle and wields a lightning bolt. A bold, energetic boy’s name.

Pluvia [PLOO-vee-ah] – Pluvia was the life-giving Roman goddess of rainstorms and nourishing showers who ended droughts. A seldom-used, richly symbolic ancient name for girls.

Tlaloc [t-LAH-lock] – Tlaloc was the important Aztec god who ruled over thunder, lightning, rain, and fertility as a giver and taker of life. Storms represented power, danger, and renewal. Unique for modern boys.

Dawn Names

Dawn symbolizes awakening, promise, and new beginnings glowing on the horizon.

Sahar [sah-HAHR] – Sahar is a charming Arabic girl’s name meaning “dawn” or “early morning”. Dawn brims with peace and beauty as night turns to day.

Dagmar [DAHG-mar] – Dagmar stems from Old Norse meaning “day maiden”, referencing the first faint glow of light at dawn. Also honors an ancient Scandinavian goddess.

Subaha [soo-BAH-hah] – Subaha is a hopeful, melodic Arabic girl’s name meaning “born at dawn”, representing fresh starts and optimism.

Daylight Names

Names related to daylight capture the sun’s radiance, vitality, and energy sustaining life.

Haru [hah-roo] – Haru is an upbeat, unisex Japanese name meaning “sunlight, sun, clear weather.” It embodies the sun’s warm rays lighting up the landscape and energizing the soul.

Heliodora [hee-lee-oh-DOH-rah] – From Helios meaning “sun” and “gift” in Greek, Heliodora beautifully embodies the sun’s radiance. Named for the sun itself, Heliodora is luminous and poetic for girls.

Cheche [chay-chay] – Cheche comes from the Swahili word “sunlight.” Bright, glimmering rays of sunshine suit this cheerful name that sparkles for girls.

Takala [tah-KAH-lah] – Takala derives from Finnish meaning “sunlight”, evoking visions of soft rays filtering peacefully through forest leaves. Warm, tranquil, and full of vitality for girls.

Tallula [ta-LOO-lah] – Tallula stems from Aboriginal origin meaning “sunshine,” bringing to mind beaming, joyful rays of light. Spunky and bold while retaining a touch of whimsy.

Night Names

Night names relate to the magic, mystery, and tranquility after sunset. They suggest depth, dreams, and rest.

Layla [LAY-lah] – Layla derives from Arabic meaning “night”, conjuring tranquil, profound darkness illuminated by shimmering moon and stars. Mysterious, romantic, and exquisitely beautiful name for girls.

Nisha [NEE-sha] – Nisha is an elegant Sanskrit girl’s name signifying “night”, perfect for a dark-haired beauty with deep, mesmerizing eyes. Nightfall represents rest, rejuvenation, and imagination.

Nyx [nicks] – In Greek myths, Nyx was the powerful primordial goddess who brought the dark night skies, dreams, illusions, and intuitive wisdom. Magical and strong name for girls.

Yoru [YOH-roo] – Yoru is a short, tranquil Japanese unisex name simply meaning “night”. The word evokes stillness, serenity, and the mystery inherent to nighttime.

Azar [ah-ZAHR] – Azar relates to fire and light symbolizing the hearth fires lit at night. It’s also the 9th month in the ancient Iranian calendar when nights lengthen. An unconventional, mystical Persian name for boys.

Nacht [nahkt] – Nacht is imposing and strong, directly meaning “night” in German. The Germanic name evokes intensity, darkness, and masculinity for boys born after sunset.

Sky Names

Sky names evoke expansiveness, hope, and the freedom of limitless blue skies overhead.

Ciel [see-EL] – Ciel comes from the French word for “sky”. Floating serenely high above daily worries, Ciel possesses an airy, ethereal vibe fitting for boys or girls.

Sora [soh-RAH] – Sora translates simply to “sky” in Japanese. The broad, open sky represents freedom, optimism, and inspiration. A brisk, uplifting unisex name.

Alya [ah-LEE-ah] – Alya is an exquisite Arabic girl’s name meaning “sky” or “heaven”. Looking up at blue skies and white clouds promotes peace, hope, and tranquility.

Azure [AZ-yoor] – Azure relates to the rich blue color of unclouded summertime skies. Calming and serene, Azure is a gender neutral name commonly used for girls.

Soraida [so-ry-AY-dah] – Soraida is a graceful Spanish girl’s name meaning “heavenly one” or “she of the skies”. Soft, uplifting, and angelic.

Tabra [TAHB-rah] – Tabra stems from Arabic vocabulary meaning “sky”. Floating far above mundane worries of earth, Tabra is carefree yet grounded for girls.

Akash [ah-KAHSH] – Akash comes from ancient Sanskrit meaning “open sky”. The limitless sky represents freedom, thought, and meditation. An airy, contemplative boy’s name.

Birkita [beer-KEE-tah] – Birkita originates from the Lithuanian word for “bright sky.” A sunny sky lit up by dazzling sunbeams gives this lively name a sense of optimism and hope for girls.

Onan [OH-nahn] – Onan traces back to an Amharic male name meaning “sky.” Looking up at the infinite skies inspires awe, dreams, and possibility. A short yet strong pick.

Mythological Names

Mythological names relate to ancient tales and legends passed down through generations.

Iris [EYE-riss] – In Greek legends, Iris was the goddess and personification of the rainbow who traversed the sky as a messenger. Iris symbolizes eloquence, bravery, and swiftness. A colorful, vivid name for spirited girls.

Arjuna [ahr-JOO-nah] – Arjuna was a hero in Hindu tales who could summon clouds, thunderstorms, and crescent rainbows at will with his bow. His energy and courage make Arjuna a lively name for boys.

Let the names in this guide stir your imagination as you search for that perfect celestial name for your little one!

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