Real Moms Reviewing the Mombella Mimi Mushroom Teether

The Mombella Mimi Mushroom has hit my radar more than once in speaking with moms lately, and each time the mom has raved about it. Fast forward a few months, and I had a chat with my friend who has an eight-month-old that’s teething. Once again the Mimi Mushroom Teether was the hero, and this time I got to see it in action — boy that little guy LOVED it! Not only was it a teether, but it had also become a pacifier of sorts and a favorite toy. 

So of course, I immediately bought two and sent them to two of my lovely review moms to give me their honest, unfiltered opinions. Quickly, I heard why all those Moms are raving about it. Below you’ll see all of their first-hand findings, but if you’ve already been sold on the Mombella Mushroom, and just want to grab one, here’s the Amazon link (don’t worry, it comes in several colors):

Why a Teether Like This

I think many moms, myself included, have had some teething drama. Those times when the baby is teething and so their sleep routine falls apart (again), they get a diaper rash, they’re clingy and cranky, and all they want to do is nurse or chew on you.

Being a mom feels less like magic in those moments and you’ll buy anything to soothe them so you can both get some peace. 

The Mombella Mimi Mushroom did not exist when my daughters were going through that, but I wish it did. This teether addresses the typical issue of breastfed babies not liking teethers or pacifiers and does a great job at it!. It can also help with latching; a problem I’ve seen so many moms struggle with. 

Things to consider before buying a teether

So, I think we can all agree that a teether, any teether, is a necessity for your baby if you want them to not chew on inappropriate things like furniture, or you. They also soothe a baby who is experiencing a pretty painful thing – teeth slicing through their gums, slowly. 

So, what then makes one teether better than another? Here are our top tips for buying a teether:

  • Ensure there are no small parts or choking hazards (this is pretty standard on all teethers you purchase now, but be wary at shops like the local dollar store)
  • Make sure it’s BPA free
  • A cold teether soothes better than a warm one, so something that can go in the freezer is best
  • Make sure it can be cleaned easily and can be sterilized if baby is younger
  • Look for something that’s easy to hold so you don’t become the teether stand
  • Look for something with interesting shapes for baby to chew

How the Mombella Mimi Mushroom Stacks Up 

The Mombella Mimi Mushroom checks all of the boxes on our teether shopping list:

Is the Mimi Mushroom safe: Yes. There has been some internet chatter about poking holes into it so they could flip it inside out for some weird reason (I don’t really understand why you would want to do this), and Mombella has clearly said don’t do not make holes in it for safety reasons, but if used normally it’s made well and safe. It goes for all teethers that if you rip or tear it, it’s no longer safe.

Is the Mimi Mushroom BPA free? Yes. 

Is the Mimi Mushroom freezer and dishwasher safe? Yes, it is! So you can cool it down and/or clean it easily. 

Can you sanitize the Mombella Mimi Mushroom? Yes! According to Mombella the Mimi Mushroom is sanitizer safe. This is great for those with smaller babies. 

Is the Mimi Mushroom easy for baby to hold? Yes, extremely easy. Its handle is the perfect size for tiny hands. The mushroom also covers their hand to both keep it drool-free and out of their mouth. AND — no I’m not done — the base is also a suction stand, so you can suction it to any surface, like their high chair tray, or a table, so that they can chew completely hands-free. 

Does the Mombella Mimi Mushroom keep baby interested? Yes! It’s shaped like mom, and so it’s the perfect shape to keep your baby interested. 

But the Mimi Mushroom is also good for other reasons. It really comes down to its unique shape. The mushroom is designed to mimic a breast and nipple shape, with super soft skin-like silicone. This means it not only encourages your baby to chew, but the shape soothes them and encourages them to keep on chewing. It is the only teether to work like magic for breastfeeding babies who are picky with pacifiers, teethers and bottles.

The silicone mushroom can also be flipped up, so that it makes like a little snack cup that they can hold by the handle. This is an added bonus if baby is also exploring solids. 

It’s good for all babies, but it’s particularly wonderful for breastfed babies. 

What Our Tester Moms Had to Say

While I do want to give you the full and polished review here, there’s something to be said from information right from the mouth of a fellow parent. So, in the spirit of real reciews from real moms, here’s the

“I was skeptical because my son won’t take anything I give him. But he loves this thing! 

“I’m serious, he refuses to put anything in his mouth besides a boob or his hand. We’ve tried every pacifier we could find. He won’t bother with any teething toys. But he’ll hold this mushroom in his hand for hours chewing it and playing at the same time. The mushroom shape keeps it from falling out of his hand until I take it from him. It’s great!”

Jennifer P.

“So, I am doing a mix of formula and breastfeeding because my baby was not gaining weight, but she would not take a pacifier at all! I have tried so many! 

“As you know, I didn’t think this would be any different! I was wrong!

I love this crazy-looking thing and so does my [little one]. As a bonus, she is teething and starting to chew on hands and things so this is perfect timing!

I would say the only downside is it collects hair constantly! But it does wipe off easily!”

“I definitely recommend it to anyone still searching for a solution, it’s worth a shot for even stubborn babies! “

DeAnna D.


If you’re just not sure despite our seeming to gush over this teether (sorry, I hate reviews like that too, it just really is great), here are some of our other top teether picks to have a look at: 

  1. Malarkey Kids Munch Mitt Teething Mitten: The Munch Mitt was the super-cool new teether when my daughter was a few months old, and many moms loved it then (as they do now) if they had hand munchers. If your baby has been dealing with their new teeth by sticking their hands in their mouth, this may be a perfect solution for you, and it is machine washable. 
  1. Nuby Nana Nubs Massager: This Nuby teether/toothbrush is a great option for a baby who is maybe a bit older and already has their first few teeth and needs something new. Its tiny nubs make it a good gum massager and a good toothbrush of sorts, able to clean existing teeth as well. 
  1. . Sophie La Girafe: Sophie is by now a new-baby must-have. It’s a fantastic first toy, not only because it makes a perfect teether, but it’s also cute and easy for babies to play with. That said, it can be hard to hold, and it will get dropped, so consider tying it up with a pacifier clip like this one. If you’re looking for a nice-looking teether to gift, or for another toy that can go in baby’s mouth, Sophie is a perfect choice though it’s a bit pricier. 

Extra note: There is also a more teether-like version of Sophie here.


When your baby is teething, soothing them and saving your sanity are one and the same. If your baby is breastfed, or not a fan of traditional bottles, teethers, or pacifiers, the Mombella Mimi Mushroom may just be the best teething toy for you.

You can check the product out on Amazon:


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