Can You Give Your Newborn Dimples?

There are a lot of things we can do to alter the appearance of our babies, like changing their hairstyle, clothing, etc. But is it possible to give your newborn baby dimples?

No, you cannot give your newborn dimples. Dimples are a physical trait that are formed due to the way certain facial muscles and skin are attached to the underlying bones. Dimples are caused by a small indentation in the cheek muscle that creates a dent when the muscle contracts, causing the skin to pucker.

Are Dimples Genetic?

Of course, while you can’t give your baby dimples if they aren’t born with them, it’s possible to “give” your baby dimples in another sense. To explain, dimples are a hereditary trait, meaning they are passed down from your parents through genes.

Dimples are also considered a dominant trait, so if one parent has dimples, there is a higher likelihood that their child will also have dimples.

It’s important to note that dimples are a naturally occurring variation and are considered rare. While they can be considered cute or attractive by some people, they do not impact a person’s health or overall well-being.

In Conclusion: Your Baby Will Have Their OWN Beauty

In conclusion, while you can’t give your newborn dimples it’s possible for them to inherit them from you or their other biological parent.

Just remember, every person and their unique traits are special and beautiful in their own way.

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